Now What?

Aug 23, 2013

Released, announced, ranked, OK ... Now what?

So Bespeak Booking Calendar has been released, announced on Hacker News, and even ranks pretty highly on Google.

So what the fuck do I do now?

1. Second guess myself

I’m not really getting a huge response, I realize that I picked a small niche for an easy side project. Passive Income Hack! right?

Did I pick a bad niche? Is the market just way too small? Too saturated? Cheap? Am I not differentiating myself enough? Is my feature set shitty? Is my pricing still fucked?

Dude, it’s only been a week, chill the fuck out.

So far from announcement to the date of this post it has actually only been 6 days. So less than a week! But honestly, it feels like it’s been months. I’ve been watching signups slowly trickle in, analytics slowly get to organic levels, and I need to chill the fuck out. There is wisdom in old wives tales.

2. Feel “alright” about it

Objectively things are going pretty good. I’ve been slowly pushing features out, updating my pricing, optimizing for mobile. I’ve also got a few signups here and there. Real organic fucking signups!

It hasn’t been a homerun, but I don’t think any new product really is. There might be exceptions, but I’m sure Google was at this stage once. It’s not like I can build hype for a fucking scheduling application!

3. Enjoy the freedom

I really enjoy it. Working on Bespeak doesn’t feel like work. Interacting with people (customers!) is actually pretty fun; it really complements the loneliness and alpha dogging of software development. But sometimes it feels like no one is listening.

Anyone listening?

I’m not paying the bills, yet. But it is paying for itself so far and is actually profitable! I can afford an extra coffee a day now. Fucking making it rain™.com.

4. Grow?

I guess we are in the “growth stage”, whatever the fuck that means. The product is largely feature complete and it kills the competitors offerings. So we just need to get out there, and keep telling potential customers about us.

Sounds Easy!