Down the rabbit hole

Aug 18, 2013

Release day jitters.

Three days ago, I posted about my latest project: Bespeak a Google Calendar Appointment Scheduling app, to my Family and Friends on Facebook with great apprehension. I was nervous, very nervous. What will people think? Did I waste a whole week of development time on a stupid idea? Would this ever work? I needed to validate this, and quick! If I wasted my time, shit, cut the loss and move on.

The response was surprisingly encouraging, not at all what I expected. Especially considering I have absolutely no design skills. Everyone was very positive.

whoa! Looks amazing man.

Validation! Even though my Facebook friends are not the target users and severely biased, it was still validation! Just a few simple sentiments were enough to give me the courage to face my fears: Announcing my project on Hacker News.

Sometimes projects announced on HN get absolutely smashed. The last Show HN I read before posting mine actually spurred a discussion on why the community has become so negative. I was scared, nervous, and worried that they would crush me, shit on my project and tell me to go back to the drawing board. They had no reason to lie, they wouldn’t be afraid of hurting my feelings or ruining relationships, but fuck it, let’s do it.

I have this pain point.

I am reading, and reading, I can’t hold my excitement. I read every comment, there isn’t many, but they are coming in. I constantly refresh, slowly watching my upvote count rise. I’m watching the front page when … holy shit, front page. This is a big deal for me.

Release Day Analytics

I got some signups, most dropped off before entering their credit card … but some didn’t. I am in business! I am scrambling to respond to comments, provide customer service, and monitoring analytics. Some users found bugs, but not many, I fixed them and pushed it out while this was all happening (Thank god for continuous integration!). Things were going great! It was crazy, exhilarating, but most of all:

It was amazing!

The biggest complaint was that I need a product tour, and I definitely do. Also, my pricing is wack. Those two things are my primary focus now, and this experience has given me enough validation to continue going forward.

Good first day.